FlowerStone involves five musicians who share a deep research on Led Zeppelin’s mood and sound. The interpretation, the attention to executive detail, a deep knowledge of the repertoire and the use of vintage instruments make the FlowerStone show the closest experience to a Led Zeppelin show in the early ’70s. Most of FlowerStone‘s instruments were built between the ’60s and ’70s; they are basically the same as the originals used by Led Zeppelin, even in some modifications to electronics, guitars and amplifiers made by the highest level technicians. The influence of Led Zeppelin on contemporary music is immense, their creativity is inexhaustible. FlowerStone stems from the need to preserve and spread a certain way of making music: the great variety of styles and the melting energy of Led Zeppelin on stage must be expressed in live concerts.

FlowerStone is the one italian band which has ever performed with Jon Lord of Deep Purple fame; they also performed together

Concerto for Group and Orchestra” and many Deep Purple classics.